March 31, 2005


Two high profiled people died this week. One Black, One White. One Man, One Woman. Both died from a long illness. Civil Rights and Famed Criminal attorney Johnnie Cochran passed away from a brain tumor and Floridian Terri Schiavo died this morning after 15 years of being in a vegetative state.

Johnnie Cochran was a highly respected attorney and champion for the rights of disenfranchised. His long and distinguished career spanned over 30 years. His reputation surpassed the celebrity/notoriety of the O.J. Simpson case. He wasn't a celebrity, he was celebrated. Big difference.

The celebrity cases were just one part of Cochran's career. "Certainly,
Johnnie's career will be noted as one marked by 'celebrity' cases and
clientele," his family said in a statement. "But he and his family were most
proud of the work he did on behalf of those in the community."

Cochran represented a Haitian immigrant tortured by New York police, a 19-year-old black woman who was shot a dozen times by police as she sat in a locked car and former Black Panther Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt, who spent 27 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. He called the day he helped Pratt win his freedom "the
happiest day of my life practicing law."

Terri Schiavo was a 41 yr old woman that has been at the center of an emotional court case involving her right to die after a Bulimia induced heart attack. Based on her husband's assertion that she didn't want to remain in a brain damaged state, He fought her parents for 15 years in and out of court. The media circus, subsequent legal wranglings, and opportunistic political photo ops cannot diminish what Terri left the world.

Her legacy? Awareness. The importance regarding having a Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney or Medical Directive. Her plight highlighted the NEED to make sure everyone makes provisions in light of a catastrophic illness or accident.

His legacy? Advocacy. Mr. Cochran reached out and helped those that couldn't help themselves. "One of the best legal minds since Thurgood Marshall", said Barry Scheck, (one of his co-counsels during the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.). He wasn't a man that looked down on others. Even in his celebrity, he took on the cases of those whose injustice transcended race, socioeconomics or religion.

When I look at their legacies, I think of just how precious LIFE is and I reflect on WHAT I want to leave BEFORE my time on this earth is done. Two ordinary people that left extraordinary gifts to us all.

What will be YOUR legacy?

March 29, 2005

Famed Attorney Johnnie Cochran, dead at 67

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Johnnie Cochran, the charismatic attorney who
became famous for his successful defense of football star O.J. Simpson on murder
charges, died on Tuesday in Los Angeles of a brain tumor, spokespeople said.

Cochran began his career as a crusader against police abuses, often in
cases involving black clients, but is best known for the trial that won a
controversial acquittal for Simpson on murder charges in 1995.

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Okay, so I was dreaming for a minute. *lol*

I am so excited about hitting the 1000th viewer mark, and just only after a month of posting too!

Thanks to all of my online friends,
ESPECIALLY FROM PALTALK.COM, buddies, acquaintances, foes and nemeses that have provided much needed feedback on the site. I look forward to keeping this fresh, entertaining, thought provoking and just plain silly at times. Thanks to my sistah support network (Prolific T, CocoCurious, Nommo, MsMellyMel, SassyKarmel, MsEbby, Amaya, Bald Baby, Mso and a host of others).. My Brutha crew of topic contributors and viewers (Prince of Chosen Thought, Stock Tec, Mufasa Red, Popeye, Brey, Dark Delight, Pass Da Blunt, and on and on....)

Life is too short not to have SOME fun. ;-)


March 27, 2005

Happy Easter~!!

My best memories of Easter are with my grandmother, "Mother Dear" as we called her, spending all day Easter's eve Saturday pressing hair. Getting our hair done for a holiday was a big event for my cousins and I, despite being tenderheaded. Sitting in her kitchen, one by one, hair wet from a thorough washing, we sat patiently until our turn.

The air was filled with a strange bouquet of pressed hair, hair pomade and shampoo. If we behaved, there was ice cream, If we didn't, there was a switch. Now "Dear" was a woman that ruled her house with a velvet glove. Very few times did we have to be reprimanded, she was such a loving woman. She would spend hours standing up to grease, part, pressed and style up to 3 heads. It was as natural to her as breathing for this holiday ritual.

As we dressed the next morning, sometimes in similar garments, or at times matching ones, we would "play fight" for mirror time to twirl and admire her handy work. Topping us off with hats, gloves, matching purses and shoes, my little crew of cousins and I skipped outside on the porch to be transported to the annual Easter church service.

Memories like these are what I cherish most about holidays. I understand the significance of this day and would never diminish it, but to reminisce about family is sweeter than jelly beans.

March 25, 2005

My Take on..........

Terri Schiavo: It's just wrong to be starved to death, I don't care what ANYONE says. We treat the incarcerated, POW's (based on the Geneva Convention), and animals better than this. No, I don't want the government meddling in private family medical decisions, but this is a travesty.

Michael Jackson: I wasn't there, but Michael's behavior has puzzled me ever since he started CARRYING little boys to AWARD SHOWS! Earth to Michael, sleeping with other people's kids ISN'T normal. Especially when your PJ's come with one silver glove. *sicko*

Robert Blake: Didn't follow the trial, if he is really guilty, shame on him.

Scott Peterson: Reservations have been made for 1 in Hell's VIP section just for you. Don't be late.

Martha Stewart: She was crucified on Ken Lay's (of ENRON) cross. But only in America can you go to jail, have 2 major TV deals, ANOTHER movie made about you, your choice of what home to have your house arrest in, THEN come out RICHER than before? Wonder if Martha will create a line of Prison wear for women?

The Pope: If they don't stop propping this poor man up in front of drafty windows and allow him to either recover in peace, or die with some semblance of dignity, I'm gonna fly to the Vatican and transfer him to the nearest hospice myself.

Lil Kim: Okay, what were YOU thinking? Lying under OATH when there were cameras telling on you? Dayum shame, she will do time when there are others, (*ahem MEN ahem*), that will go on to make bad gangsta rap or shoot each other at the nearest club, radio station, barber shop, or chicken shack........ *smh*

Whitney Houston: Whitney, honey. Please find the most exclusive rehab, talk to Betty Ford and SIGN IN! Outpatient rehab isn't working. That's like me going to a drive thru health spa, I'm not gonna lose weight by riding past the windows and reaching for a smoothie. (Note to Bobby: Get your child support in order)

Reality TV: You have run your course. Can we get some quality tv that doesn't include chewing on squid, falling into a vat of scorpions, or picking your cousin for marriage?

Terri Shiavo's parents: It's time to talk to her, hold her and let her know how much you love her. Fighting the good fight also means knowing when to leave the battlefield. My heart goes out to your family.

March 21, 2005

Construction Woes

Okay, why didn't someone warn me how addictive blogs are? Reading them, creating them, finding new graphics, blog traffic, blog message boards, blog topics, blog favorites. Blog search engines, web rings, templates.

Banners, Buttons and Bows, Oh My! *lol*

I have been perusing the net for blog info only to get sucked into a whirlpool. I love all the visual tricks and tools. We live in a world of sound bites, news tickers, weather confetti & split screen delivery, so I know that getting and keeping a regular readership will rely not only on the CONTENT of this blog, but the LOOK as well.

Hmm...... Where am I gonna put that marquee? ;-)

Welcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's Sanctuary

Thanks to for this marquee tip!


March 18, 2005

Upward Bound

It amazes me how an administration that touts the flawed “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" act can actually JUSTIFY the major cuts proposed in long running and successful programs, such as UPWARD BOUND.

Upward Bound prides itself on preparing students to become college ready. Created in 1968, it assists those qualified low income students to excel in junior and high school, become eligible for, and graduate from college. Recruiting as early as the 8th grade, the program monitors the progress of their candidates to ensure they achieve their goals.

This was just ONE of over 50 renowned programs that were seen as inefficient.
I am gonna look at some of the programs that were on the chopping block.

Parents need to take notice of where this line of thinking is going. Our kids deserve the best education, despite of what the government thinks.

Stay tuned.

Medicaid .....SAVED, for now

The smile on President Bush's face may be a little strained today after he lost some ground with his 2006 proposed budget cuts in domestic spending.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate delivered a slap at President Bush and its own Republican leaders Thursday by passing a $2.6 trillion budget erasing his plans for cutting Medicaid, community development and school aid..........

March 17, 2005

Can You See Me Now? :)

Some of my online friends have mentioned that my former template made my fonts too small to read. Since I am sensitive to the needs of my soon to be mid-life crises bruthas and pre menopausal sistahs, *insert giggle*, I have changed to this look until I work out the details of my ..............

*cue orchestra*


This look will also be friendly to those that have vision problems.

Like Me.
I am so near sighted, my paltalk buddies tell me my glasses were issued by NASA. (Okay, u can stop laffing now).

Now...... what did I do with those tri-focals?

Happy St. Patrick's Day


"When Irish eyes are smiling........~!!"

For my Irish readers, here is a hearty welcome and wishes of a great day.

For those of you that aren't sure about the origin of this holiday, please click the post title link and enjoy the History Channel's look at St. Patrick's Day.

Kiss me, I'm ... Ummm Im NOT Irish, but I could use a kiss. ;-)


March 14, 2005

Kwesi Mfume to run for U.S. Senate in '06

Kwesi Mfume

Former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume announced today that he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

"It is with great pride and deep humility that I announce to you today my
candidacy for the Senate of the United States," Mfume said at a news conference
in Baltimore.

"I can't be bought. I won't be intimidated. I don't know how to quit,"
Mfume said as his supporters applauded.,1,5346245.story?coll=bal-news-breaking&ctrack=1&cset=true

Welcome Back Tavis

Tavis Smiley

This is a good thing. I missed Tavis Smiley's insightful interviews and commentary. Big ups to NPR for getting him back.

March 13, 2005

Which website are you?

You are You are many things to many people. You try to find what people are looking for, but you're not very good at it. You suck.
Which Website are You?

I thought this was funny. I know some of my online buddies will get a kick out of this. I don't really suck. :(

I just GOOGLE alot. ;) *lol*

Games People Play

Games People Play

Happy Sunday! I decided to relax with the heavy topics today and just "play" online. Over the years, I have cultivated quite a few links for online games. Not the crash and burn, shoot em up, tackle, or volley ones, I like trivia, puzzles, word games and mystery whodunit kinda past times.

Literati - (one of Yahoo's many games) : is their version of Scrabble. Still working on my strategy. Hovering around 1400.

Zuma - (MSN's Game Zone) is a fun game with many levels. has a bevy of different categories.

So, while I'm cooking sunday dinner, let me go try my hand at a few of these new ones.

Enjoy! ;-)

March 12, 2005

Love Gone Wrong

When Love Hurts

I've taken a few days away to think about what really matters to me. As an impassioned woman of color, I tend to wear the worries of the world on my heart. Watching the local, national and international news, plus reading a plethora of online news links, I find myself internalizing a lot of the pain that happens across this globe. I care about people, especially children. When I come across stories about abuse, (sexual, verbal, or physical), I cringe. How can we be so horrible to one another? Why do people do the things they do?

Yesterday, an Atlanta man, being tried a 2nd time on rape charges, killed a judge, court reporter, and a deputy before fleeing from the scene.

Nichols, the man accused of killing three people in a courthouse rampage Friday, was on trial on charges he burst into the woman's home with a loaded shotgun, bound her with duct tape and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

The fact that he is a black man saddens me, angers me, and horrifies me. What made this man snap? Why was he so sadistic? Why kill innocent people?

At the core of this is domestic violence. Although the stigma has lessened so that victims are more apt to seek help, the statistics are still staggering. According to the National Center of the Victims of Crime, an estimated 50 women are victimized by an intimate EVERY HOUR.

50 women that are abused by someone they care about. 50 women that are hit or beaten by a loved one. 50 women that are the victims of verbal abuse. One woman, too many.

Verbal abuse can be just as bad as physical violence. Hurtful words leave a voiceprint on the mind and can erode the self esteem of the victim. Allowing someone to disrespect your boundaries is the 1st step into victimization.

We teach people how to treat us. Unless we as women demand respect from our partners, we will lose ground and become vulnerable to those that prey on those whose kindness is taken for weakness.

Laci Peterson and Lori Hacking were just two of the news stories that went national of pregnant women that were killed or beaten by their husbands or boyfriends. Here are some of the names that aren’t so well known.

Liliana Alvarez, 19

Xian Quian Cheung, 41:,0,346121.story?coll=ny-nynews-headlines

Una Brady, 43

Lana Holbrook, 40

Those are just a SAMPLE from this week.

The Surgeon General of the United States reports that domestic violence causes more injury to adult women than cancers, heart attacks, or strokes.

There is help out there. Call the Domestic violence hotline @ 1-800-799-7233.

Here is their website

Please don’t become a statistic. Call the number. Thank God I did.


Quote of the Day

"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter." - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today's quote will be the beginning of a daily theme. I will try and find a quote that sums up my feelings and set the tone for my main post each day.

March 8, 2005

****SMH**** (Shaking my Head)

This is absolutely outrageous!

Home Of Neo-Nazi Can Remain A Child Care Operation

The child care center, in a modest residential neighborhood, is also home to a self- professed white supremacist and neo-Nazi who hosts a well-known Web site and Internet radio show.

Michael Herbert Blevins, who calls himself ``Von Bluvens,'' has been a leader in the white supremacist movement, according to national watchdog groups.

In interviews posted on various Web sites, Blevins, whose wife, Bernadette, operates the day care, has advocated shipping blacks back to Africa, deporting Mexicans and wholesale ``extermination'' of non- whites. He also has called for putting Jews to sleep and produced artwork of an apparent gas chamber with the title ``Haulocost: This time it's for real.''

Sarasota County officials, who regulate child care homes under a state contract, say they have no reason to close the day care. They stress they have found nothing that violates health and safety regulations, and they also must consider Blevins' constitutional right to free speech.

Bernadette Blevins, formerly Bernadette Heikkila, has run the day care for a decade with no serious violations, according to county regulators. She has been married to Michael Blevins for less than a year.

And because the home is following the rules, the county has no reason to inform parents about his racist activity, said Homer Rice, the county Health Department manager who oversees child care regulation under the state Department of Children and Families contract.

I am almost speechless. To think that these children aren't being exposed to negativity and racism in this home is stupid and shortsighted.

Something must be done.

(to be continued....)

*ty Prince of Chosen Thought for the heads up* (smile)

Welcome to Planet Inertia

a : a property of matter by which
it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the
same straight line unless acted upon by some
external force.

b : indisposition to motion, exertion, or change

*cue Jeopardy theme music*

"Alex, I will take (b) for $500~!"

Hitting a wall. I’ve got a major mental block going on. Creatively, that is. My mind is so full of blog topics and I blew a fuse. Has your mind ever been going into a million different directions but nothing is getting done? Have you ever been so preoccupied that you are almost paralyzed by the fear of the next moment?

I guess my offline life drama has stunted my flow. I need to regroup for a minute and get back up on the horse. Be patient with me, I’m new at this. I should have something later today.


March 6, 2005

Freedom of the BLOG

Blogging is a cathartic experience. The ability to vent, explore, state, express, ruminate and pontificate on various topics can be freeing. Being able to share our personal Op-Ed pieces with the world is thrilling, as well as the best in shared egomania.

It can also get you fired.

Several employees have been given the ole heave ho for innocently keeping a blog that may have included information about their experiences on the job. A programmer from Google and a stewardess from Delta Airlines found out the hard way.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Mark Jen landed a dream
job with Google Inc. in January. He was fired less than a month later...…..
A former Delta Air Lines flight attendant claims she was fired in November
over pictures she posted on her personal blog that she says the airline
deemed "inappropriate."……..

I can understand the blogger’s assertion that what someone writes on their own time SHOULD be considered "Freedom of Speech"; however, most companies have "at-will" termination clauses which allow them to fire whomever they choose, as long as they aren’t a contracted employee.

Yet companies DO have a right to protect information they deem confidential, look at the struggle Apple Computers had with bloggers that divulged critical data.

Apple, in a lawsuit filed in California state court in December, claims the
product leaks violated its trade secrets and wants the site operators to
disclose the source's identity. But Opsahl counters that the site operators,
like news reporters, are protected under the First Amendment as well as
California state law.

But does this open the door for us bloggers that just do this for fun? Or what about the blogger that is political? Is this a slippery slope into a form of censorship? Paul K. McMasters of the Daily Herald wrote:

The vast majority of bloggers, of course, prove the value of democratic
freedoms. They produce a prodigious flow of vital information and ideas and
serve as a check on traditional media.

Journalists are also worried how subsequent court rulings will impact their ability to blog anonymously.

"What's at stake here is whether online and independent journalists will be granted the same rights as ones from traditional media," Ms Newitz said. (Analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

It’s going to be interesting to see how this will play out. I will keep you all posted.

March 4, 2005

Smile! It's Candid Camera!

Sepia @ 2 yrs old

Don't tell me you can't teach an old dawg new tricks! I just downloaded, it is a photo editing and retrieval program by , and I couldn't be happier than a pig in slop.
(Mother Dear saying *lol*) It is really easy to use and adds another dimension to blogging.


*singing "Ain't No Stoppin Me Now" in the key of happy.* ;)

*the datestamp is from my digital camera..... *sigh*.... (adding a scanner to the list)*

A Work in Progress

I am so in love with blogging, it's sickening. But I am jealous. I've looked around the (blog) neighborhood and see that my lil house/blog enviroment is a fixer upper. I want all the cute do-dads, bells and whistles everyone else has. I want pictures and swirling clouds wif confetti! Where is my counter? My Favorite links? My calender?

*insert your favorite brand of whine*

Let me calm down. *lol*

So, I'm rolling up my sleeves this weekend to do some "home improvements". Now some of you already see that I have thrown on a new can of paint/template on the walls. That may change. Just like some women, (and some men), I get bored easy. I like to change my desktop, wallpaper, icons, fonts, and computer graphics around. But I am a USB, user friendly, plug and play, template, 1-2-3 and voila~! kinda gurl. Until now......

Yes! I'm gonna teach myself HTML in one weekend! I can't say that this blog will be the virtual equivalent of the Taj Mahal, but I'm determined to get some of the add ons that will give my little place a comfy, homey look.

This place may look crazy over the next 2 days, but hey, this ain't EXTREME BLOG MAKEOVER either. I don't have a TY Pennington & his trusty crew of construction elves.

I can do this! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......................


"Psst......Can you hand me the link for BLOGS R US?" *hee hee*


Speaking of laughter..........

Tyler Perry is a force to be reckoned with. His story that led him to success is a testament to perseverance and spirit. Before his 1st play took off, he was a struggling playwright that wound up living out of his car.

One of his plays has been translated to the big screen. "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" may be running in a theater near you. Please give this brutha some love and support his film.

Bootlegging isn't cute and robs the industry. Just think of how hard it is for (US) to get quality films out there. Unless we support our talented playwrights, actors, directors, & producers, we will keep struggling to have our stories portrayed in the cinema and on the stage.

Popcorn anyone? ;)

PS. Catch today's OPRAH, Tyler and the cast of "Diary..." are gonna be on there.

Laughter is the best medicine

Some of my online friends and buddies have told me to "lighten up" the blog. I didn't realize I had jumped on a soapbox so quickly.

*embarrased look*

I love to laugh, although my personal brand of comedy may seem corny to some, I have a sarcastic wit that can be biting as well as funny.

Like this story on the 50 cent (rapper) shooting. Someone in his entourage was wounded. Now someone getting shot isn't funny, but the shooter tried to get away..........ON A SNOW PLOW!

Police say the gunmen fled the scene, attempted to carjack a snowplow, and then
they fled on foot.


Someone needs to go to for a refresher course. *smh*

Stupid criminals crack me up. Like the guy that robbed a bank and then caught a bus. Or the one that caught a cab from his bank heist only to be caught at the local motel counting his ill gotten gains.

Here are some more "challenged" criminals.

Their Dumb crook of the week:

Prison guard may be trading spaces

A Lake Erie
Correctional Institution corrections officer was indicted on
two felonies
last week for allegedly taking money to deliver marijuana to

Kenneth M. Blackburn, 23, was arrested by undercover Ohio State Highway Patrol agents after an investigation that included a sting operation in which Blackburn allegedly agreed to deliver drugs for money.

Maybe he had bonded with his job to where he wanted to BE in jail. *lol* Can you say bad career move?

Wanna laugh some more? .

Have a great day. ;)

March 3, 2005

Save the Children....PLEASE!

Getting into the habit of doing a daily blogging session is daunting as a newbie, but sometimes the topics just pop out at you. These are some of the stories that greeted me this morning on the news.

CUMBERLAND CITY, Tenn. Mar 2, 2005 — A school bus driver was shot to death
as she drove her route Wednesday morning and a (14 yr old) male student was
taken into custody, authorities said. No students were hurt.

CHARLESTON, West Virginia. A Braxton County middle school teacher is in police custody after allegedly confessing to sexual misconduct with five of her students.

SOUTHGATE, Ky. -- A northern Kentucky volunteer firefighter-in-training has
been arrested for what one veteran police detective called the worst assault on
a child he has seen in his career. According to court records, the 2-year-old
victim had to be rushed to a hospital with a head swollen to three times its
normal size and two black eyes.

Can someone please save the children? We are losing a generation of kids and the numbers are staggering. Parents killing their kids, kids killing their parents, and sexual assaults on children are at an all time high.

*heavy sigh*

March 2, 2005


The last segment of society to deal with the onslaught of insensitivity has to be the mentally and physically challenged. As the single mom of a child with cerebral palsy, I often struggle with the ambivalency of swirling angst. The mother in me comforts and nurtures her, the advocate in me fights for her medical, scholastic, therapy, social and emotional needs, yet society would rather I just hid her from its incessant illusion of "perfection" or "normalcy".

Being her primary caregiver leaves me with very little social life, but last month I attended a play that was adapted from one of my favorite novelists, Eric J. Dickey. "Friends and Lovers" ironically was the 1st novel that I had read of his. My best friend was adamant about getting me out of the house, so this "treat" was going to whisk me away from my daily life. Or so I thought.

After the play, I felt the need to write this letter to the producers.

Dear Producers:
I attended the Feb
17th performance last night . It was thoroughly enjoyable. The sets were
amazing, the scene changes seamless, the audio was A+, & the writing, music
and performances top notch.
However, my only criticism relates to ONE joke
in the show. There is a reference to a character that dated a "RETARDED" girl
and several "RETARDED" jokes. I am the mother to a child with cerebral palsy and
developmental delays, (the new PC term for retarded). Please be mindful that
this segment of our population still struggles for acceptance and placing them
up for ridicule and tasteless humor makes that transition harder.
I know
that it was just a joke, but the lingering sting of insensitivity is still
Perhaps you might add a character to one of your plays with a
physical disability to help with the societal perceptions. Give them the dignity
that they so richly deserve.
Remember, this is a group that may not be able
to speak for themselves.
God bless you all in your future endeavors. I look
forward to attending more of your productions in the future.
(Sepialove) <--inserted real name

PS. I thought of a positive spin to the joke. What if the character says: "You know I loved that girl." (HIM) "What happened with her?" (HER) "We broke up ... she said I wasn't BRIGHT enough to be with her!" (HIM)

That changes the context in a way that gives the "RETARDED"
girl the upper hand and creates more folly for the character he is pursuing.
Just a thought.

My friend thought I was being too sensitive at the time, but having a challenged person in her family made her almost immuned to the harshness of society's scrutiny. Maybe I am too close to this subject to see these and other "jokes" about "RETARDED" people. I really don't think so. I also jotted an email to Mr Dickey himself. No reply.

I did finally get a nice email back from the producer. Will he change the joke? I don't know. But my heart feel lighter for my efforts.

I am speaking for thousands of African American parents of children that have disabilities when I say that the messages that we send into the public arena are extremely critical as it relates to inclusion and acceptance of disabled individuals. I think I can rest easy tonight. Another battle will have to wait till later today.

Good night. ;)