March 29, 2005

Famed Attorney Johnnie Cochran, dead at 67

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Johnnie Cochran, the charismatic attorney who
became famous for his successful defense of football star O.J. Simpson on murder
charges, died on Tuesday in Los Angeles of a brain tumor, spokespeople said.

Cochran began his career as a crusader against police abuses, often in
cases involving black clients, but is best known for the trial that won a
controversial acquittal for Simpson on murder charges in 1995.


Administrator said...

Very sad to hear about Johnny's passing...they've barely covered it...but what I find most disturbing is the press regarding Cochran's death reads like an O.J. Simpson recap story...he was more than that case.

Teana Tea1 said...

He was so much more than the OJ trial. He has done so much for people. It is a shame that he only became known to me until the OJ case but that is when the media put his work in the eyes of those across the nation. He will absolutly be missed and left his mark on a lot of us.

TC said...

Johnnie Cochran is indeed an American icon as he championed the cause for those less fortunate. Sure people would like to pigeon-hole him into being the "one that got OJ" off, but he is so much more than "If it doesn't must acquit." May he rest in peace.

rootzhouse said...

Geronimo Pratt was released after being falsely incarcerated ..... Cochran was his lawyer and friend.
The attention and awareness about new jerseys racial profiling history and protocol was exposed by Cochran after he defended the 4 young black men who were involved in a shoot out on turnpike after being pulled over by racial profiling officers. Cochran said he took the case because he remebered being profiled while driving with his daughters in los angeles. Not just O.J. by a long shot....1