March 3, 2005

Save the Children....PLEASE!

Getting into the habit of doing a daily blogging session is daunting as a newbie, but sometimes the topics just pop out at you. These are some of the stories that greeted me this morning on the news.

CUMBERLAND CITY, Tenn. Mar 2, 2005 — A school bus driver was shot to death
as she drove her route Wednesday morning and a (14 yr old) male student was
taken into custody, authorities said. No students were hurt.

CHARLESTON, West Virginia. A Braxton County middle school teacher is in police custody after allegedly confessing to sexual misconduct with five of her students.

SOUTHGATE, Ky. -- A northern Kentucky volunteer firefighter-in-training has
been arrested for what one veteran police detective called the worst assault on
a child he has seen in his career. According to court records, the 2-year-old
victim had to be rushed to a hospital with a head swollen to three times its
normal size and two black eyes.

Can someone please save the children? We are losing a generation of kids and the numbers are staggering. Parents killing their kids, kids killing their parents, and sexual assaults on children are at an all time high.

*heavy sigh*

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