March 4, 2005

Laughter is the best medicine

Some of my online friends and buddies have told me to "lighten up" the blog. I didn't realize I had jumped on a soapbox so quickly.

*embarrased look*

I love to laugh, although my personal brand of comedy may seem corny to some, I have a sarcastic wit that can be biting as well as funny.

Like this story on the 50 cent (rapper) shooting. Someone in his entourage was wounded. Now someone getting shot isn't funny, but the shooter tried to get away..........ON A SNOW PLOW!

Police say the gunmen fled the scene, attempted to carjack a snowplow, and then
they fled on foot.


Someone needs to go to for a refresher course. *smh*

Stupid criminals crack me up. Like the guy that robbed a bank and then caught a bus. Or the one that caught a cab from his bank heist only to be caught at the local motel counting his ill gotten gains.

Here are some more "challenged" criminals.

Their Dumb crook of the week:

Prison guard may be trading spaces

A Lake Erie
Correctional Institution corrections officer was indicted on
two felonies
last week for allegedly taking money to deliver marijuana to

Kenneth M. Blackburn, 23, was arrested by undercover Ohio State Highway Patrol agents after an investigation that included a sting operation in which Blackburn allegedly agreed to deliver drugs for money.

Maybe he had bonded with his job to where he wanted to BE in jail. *lol* Can you say bad career move?

Wanna laugh some more? .

Have a great day. ;)

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