March 8, 2005

****SMH**** (Shaking my Head)

This is absolutely outrageous!

Home Of Neo-Nazi Can Remain A Child Care Operation

The child care center, in a modest residential neighborhood, is also home to a self- professed white supremacist and neo-Nazi who hosts a well-known Web site and Internet radio show.

Michael Herbert Blevins, who calls himself ``Von Bluvens,'' has been a leader in the white supremacist movement, according to national watchdog groups.

In interviews posted on various Web sites, Blevins, whose wife, Bernadette, operates the day care, has advocated shipping blacks back to Africa, deporting Mexicans and wholesale ``extermination'' of non- whites. He also has called for putting Jews to sleep and produced artwork of an apparent gas chamber with the title ``Haulocost: This time it's for real.''

Sarasota County officials, who regulate child care homes under a state contract, say they have no reason to close the day care. They stress they have found nothing that violates health and safety regulations, and they also must consider Blevins' constitutional right to free speech.

Bernadette Blevins, formerly Bernadette Heikkila, has run the day care for a decade with no serious violations, according to county regulators. She has been married to Michael Blevins for less than a year.

And because the home is following the rules, the county has no reason to inform parents about his racist activity, said Homer Rice, the county Health Department manager who oversees child care regulation under the state Department of Children and Families contract.

I am almost speechless. To think that these children aren't being exposed to negativity and racism in this home is stupid and shortsighted.

Something must be done.

(to be continued....)

*ty Prince of Chosen Thought for the heads up* (smile)


John said...

I am watchin you ;-)

Sepialove said...

Watch me baby, but READ me first!