March 25, 2005

My Take on..........

Terri Schiavo: It's just wrong to be starved to death, I don't care what ANYONE says. We treat the incarcerated, POW's (based on the Geneva Convention), and animals better than this. No, I don't want the government meddling in private family medical decisions, but this is a travesty.

Michael Jackson: I wasn't there, but Michael's behavior has puzzled me ever since he started CARRYING little boys to AWARD SHOWS! Earth to Michael, sleeping with other people's kids ISN'T normal. Especially when your PJ's come with one silver glove. *sicko*

Robert Blake: Didn't follow the trial, if he is really guilty, shame on him.

Scott Peterson: Reservations have been made for 1 in Hell's VIP section just for you. Don't be late.

Martha Stewart: She was crucified on Ken Lay's (of ENRON) cross. But only in America can you go to jail, have 2 major TV deals, ANOTHER movie made about you, your choice of what home to have your house arrest in, THEN come out RICHER than before? Wonder if Martha will create a line of Prison wear for women?

The Pope: If they don't stop propping this poor man up in front of drafty windows and allow him to either recover in peace, or die with some semblance of dignity, I'm gonna fly to the Vatican and transfer him to the nearest hospice myself.

Lil Kim: Okay, what were YOU thinking? Lying under OATH when there were cameras telling on you? Dayum shame, she will do time when there are others, (*ahem MEN ahem*), that will go on to make bad gangsta rap or shoot each other at the nearest club, radio station, barber shop, or chicken shack........ *smh*

Whitney Houston: Whitney, honey. Please find the most exclusive rehab, talk to Betty Ford and SIGN IN! Outpatient rehab isn't working. That's like me going to a drive thru health spa, I'm not gonna lose weight by riding past the windows and reaching for a smoothie. (Note to Bobby: Get your child support in order)

Reality TV: You have run your course. Can we get some quality tv that doesn't include chewing on squid, falling into a vat of scorpions, or picking your cousin for marriage?

Terri Shiavo's parents: It's time to talk to her, hold her and let her know how much you love her. Fighting the good fight also means knowing when to leave the battlefield. My heart goes out to your family.


Faith in Florida said...

okay, i love yr blog...will be back. Come visit me:)

Sepialove said...

Thank you Faith! It is a labor of love.

Sepia ;-)

EG said...


The Government isn't the one starving her. Her husband is asking for the feeding tube to be pulled and her family is disagreeing. The Government is only determining who has the right to make that ultimate decision.

Families all across America go through this (I did in 1988 and 1989 with my parents) and it's gut-wrenching (and I was the Shiavo family in my story). But in the end, you must ask yourself, would you want to live like this? Most people would answer no. In my mother's case, she was able to speak and didn't want any tubes (she would pull them out).

Medical experts state little to no pain is felt during this time. In my mother's case, she slipped into a coma and didn't return. We pricked her with a pin and saw no reaction to any outside stimulation. She lasted five days in that state.

Sepialove said...


As a former caregiver to 2 terminally ill grandparents, you cannot say that SOME people aren't in pain at that stage of transition. Morphine patches were the norm, not the exception to my grandmother who suffered from Bone marrow cancer. I still believe that Ms Shiavo's death is nothing more than cruel and unusual punishment.

Anonymous said...

As usual you were right on point. The whole Martha Stewart thing was just the Govt looking for a carcas to hang up on the wall.

JustMe-Calif said...

Love your blog. Right on point. I still think they would have convicted Robert Blake if the prosection team were based in another State.

TC Matthews said...

Per usual you are able to capture the essence of these thought provoking and challenging news stories with what readers love (the facts and being straight to the point). It is also good your use of humor to ease the sting. I applaud you and your writing. Keep the flow. Another writing star is born...

Anonymous said...

mj IS INNOCENT,the mother acusing him is after money
A vegetable (SHIAVO)should die asap AND STOP ACTING AS god