March 21, 2005

Construction Woes

Okay, why didn't someone warn me how addictive blogs are? Reading them, creating them, finding new graphics, blog traffic, blog message boards, blog topics, blog favorites. Blog search engines, web rings, templates.

Banners, Buttons and Bows, Oh My! *lol*

I have been perusing the net for blog info only to get sucked into a whirlpool. I love all the visual tricks and tools. We live in a world of sound bites, news tickers, weather confetti & split screen delivery, so I know that getting and keeping a regular readership will rely not only on the CONTENT of this blog, but the LOOK as well.

Hmm...... Where am I gonna put that marquee? ;-)

Welcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's SanctuaryWelcome to Sepia's Sanctuary

Thanks to for this marquee tip!


1 comment:

Sassy said...

Thank You for commenting on my tagboard, Yes blogging is Very Addicting! You may even get a case of blog template envy, if not remedied, you may even get depressed lol!! *I DID*