March 18, 2005

Upward Bound

It amazes me how an administration that touts the flawed “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" act can actually JUSTIFY the major cuts proposed in long running and successful programs, such as UPWARD BOUND.

Upward Bound prides itself on preparing students to become college ready. Created in 1968, it assists those qualified low income students to excel in junior and high school, become eligible for, and graduate from college. Recruiting as early as the 8th grade, the program monitors the progress of their candidates to ensure they achieve their goals.

This was just ONE of over 50 renowned programs that were seen as inefficient.
I am gonna look at some of the programs that were on the chopping block.

Parents need to take notice of where this line of thinking is going. Our kids deserve the best education, despite of what the government thinks.

Stay tuned.