March 27, 2005

Happy Easter~!!

My best memories of Easter are with my grandmother, "Mother Dear" as we called her, spending all day Easter's eve Saturday pressing hair. Getting our hair done for a holiday was a big event for my cousins and I, despite being tenderheaded. Sitting in her kitchen, one by one, hair wet from a thorough washing, we sat patiently until our turn.

The air was filled with a strange bouquet of pressed hair, hair pomade and shampoo. If we behaved, there was ice cream, If we didn't, there was a switch. Now "Dear" was a woman that ruled her house with a velvet glove. Very few times did we have to be reprimanded, she was such a loving woman. She would spend hours standing up to grease, part, pressed and style up to 3 heads. It was as natural to her as breathing for this holiday ritual.

As we dressed the next morning, sometimes in similar garments, or at times matching ones, we would "play fight" for mirror time to twirl and admire her handy work. Topping us off with hats, gloves, matching purses and shoes, my little crew of cousins and I skipped outside on the porch to be transported to the annual Easter church service.

Memories like these are what I cherish most about holidays. I understand the significance of this day and would never diminish it, but to reminisce about family is sweeter than jelly beans.


Faith in Florida said...

I luv yr writing!

Sepialove said...

Thank you Faith, I enjoy your site as well. It is a restful place to lay my thoughts down.

Happy Easter!

Sepia :)

TC said...

Happy Easter indeed. Sepia, you bring up some wonderful memories. I can say I miss the frilly dresses and black patent leather shoes, but I do not miss the pressing comb or having to sit on the sofa so I wouldn't get dirty.

Lina said...

Oh Sepia, Your words are so wonderful. You bring back such fond thoughts. You are so wonderful. Easter is so Wonderful. Ahhhhhhh.