March 13, 2005

Games People Play

Games People Play

Happy Sunday! I decided to relax with the heavy topics today and just "play" online. Over the years, I have cultivated quite a few links for online games. Not the crash and burn, shoot em up, tackle, or volley ones, I like trivia, puzzles, word games and mystery whodunit kinda past times.

Literati - (one of Yahoo's many games) : is their version of Scrabble. Still working on my strategy. Hovering around 1400.

Zuma - (MSN's Game Zone) is a fun game with many levels. has a bevy of different categories.

So, while I'm cooking sunday dinner, let me go try my hand at a few of these new ones.

Enjoy! ;-)


Lysistrata said...

I'm addicted to Literati as well... Bookworm and Text Twist keep me going to.. I love a word challenge or Trivia.

Sepialove said...

Hey gurlie!

I've played those also. Just anything to keep the ole brain cells a going. We need to match up on Lit sometimes. Let me know when.