December 5, 2006

Music Music Music!

I love music. I love hearing good music, listening to lyrics that transport me to another place, another time. As an R & B old school purist, finding this group made my ears smile. I have wanted to add music to this blog ever since I started it, but I am so glad I waited until now.

The Chapter is a refreshing blast of Soul nostalgia, yet still captures the best of today's sound. "Can't Nobody" is the JAM. Also "Derty Jazz" keeps my head bopping. Now I'm no musical expert, but I know what I like.

I happened to find them on a site called American Idol Underground and also found their MySpace page. .

You can buy The Chapter's CD at

I feel it is imperative to give exposure to musical purists that rise above and transcend today's cookie cutter studio madness. I will be featuring new artists as often as possible.


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