April 1, 2005

Fountain Square

Tyler Davidson Fountain Posted by Hello

"This 43-foot fountain is the oldest downtown sculpture and has become the best known and loved symbol of Cincinnati. Water streams from the out-stretched hands of the 9-foot tall female figure representing the "Genius of Water." Below her, four adult figures dramatize the life-sustaining uses of water, four children illustrate the life-enhancing pleasures of water, and four relief panels depict the industrial uses of water."


Anonymous said...

Greetings ms Anna_mae,

Wow your blog is evolving and I like it even more than before(layout,style). 513 stand up! See you passed thru cincy and went to the square. You liked ok huh? Cincy has some interesting history. Despite the fact that it has a large german and immigrant settling background, it is has been referred to as " lilltle rome." This is dipictated in EDEN PARK Did you venture there? Conservotory and Flower thingy is there. Also at eden park is a STATUE OF ROMULUS AND REMES. these 2 brothers were reported to have been abandoned by there parents and adopted by a pack of wolves. The statues shows 2 babes suckling a female wolf. Interesting I'd say... Hmm I should be telling this great story in my blog. Keep up the good look and work....one

Anonymous said...

Yes the story of Romulus and Remus is ancient Roman folklore I believe. This and the above comment are from I http://kingrootzhouse@modblog.com