April 1, 2005

Carew Tower - Cincinnati

Carew Tower Posted by Hello

I went outside today! Yeah~!! I had my daughter and my best friend's son, so I took them on an outing downtown. It was a cloudy, somewhat chilly afternoon for a spring day, but we made the best of it. I was determined to take some digital pictures and this was one of the ones I came up with.

This is Carew Tower.

Constructed at the height of Cincinnati's prominence, this is still the city's most identifiable structure, and also its tallest building. The stock market crash that triggered The Great Depression happened just a month after groundbreaking, but construction continued anyway in a slightly modified form. Its original grand details were left off above the third floor. From there up to the top the building is clad in simple brick rather than the architectural motifs, friezes, and decorative metal that so typifies an art deco building.


We had a ball in their enclosed mall, I took them to the food court, the music store, and the book store. Now, finally back home I can share some of the photos with you. Yes, I took these PHOTOS! I am so excited! Who knows? This may be the beginning of Sepia's Photo blog.

Enjoy! ;-)


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Teana Tea1 said...

Those are beautiful fountains. I would like to see other attraction that are in your city Sepia. LOL even though I am cheap we do take family vacation every year and it would be nice to go somewhere other than the beach and mountains. I am ready to travel away from the eastern coast. Good Job Sepia I am so proud of you.