April 11, 2005

Excused Absence

ER Visit from Hell Posted by Hello

Okay, I have been away for a few days. But I have a good reason. Lil Sepia spiked a 102.6 fever on Sunday night. So I got her dressed, packed her book bag fulla videos to keep her occupied during the long waits. After waiting 5 HOURS, a rapid strep test, and a chest xray, they sent us home.

Two days later, the ER leaves me this message.

"Uhm.. Miss Sepialove? This is Children's Hospital, Lil Sepia's test is back and she needs to be on meds."

WTH?!!! What other test did they do?

I call back and the charge nurse tells me the lab did a throat culture and she DOES have Strep.

Oh. Great. *sigh*

I got the meds and by Tuesday, I'm sick too. :(

Hence my doctor's note.

I will be back tomorrow.

*cough hack wheeze*

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Faith in Florida said...

Gotta love the ER...errrr. I know how those visits go. I remember taking my son when he was a baby, and they ended up checking me in. Now, THAT was the ER visit from hell for real. I'll never forget leaving around 8 am. (!!!) And the news was on...Columbine had just happened. So, everytime I hear about Columbine, I always remember that night in the ER.