January 22, 2011

Phoenix Rising!

It's been 4 LONGGGGGG years since my last post and I made some very critical decisions regarding this blog. It has always been in my internet closet like a soft blanket needed during a cool afternoon. I would refer to it, read it, link it to someone and put it back up on the shelf..... until now.

What sparked my creative rebirth? Wow, where do I start? Since February of 2009, I have been visiting, (and virtually living), on a site called Second Life. It is AMAZING to say the least, and that is where my NEW alter ego was born. Her name is Ambrosia Kamala, (see next post). I adore her and my "Second" Life.

Ironically, the Phoenix pictured here represents my ascent back into blogging, but also the "viewer" or program that I use on Second Life (SL). This program has allowed me to expand my already imaginative expressiveness in a virtual environment. But I will talk about that in the coming posts.

Buckle up, It's gonna be a bumpy ride :)

*Brosia* / Sepia

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