February 27, 2005

Reading is Fundamental

Yearning to be profound was my biggest concern with starting my 1st real topic. But I realize that just being me and allowing the thoughts to take care of themselves was better.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read. Dick and Jane, Dr Seuss and Nancy Drew got me started, and then I discover the library. I loved the Dewey Decimal system! Going through the aisles and stacks of different books became a passion. Comic books like Richie Rich, Archie, Little Lulu, & Baby Huey littered my bedroom. With junior high came fashion mags like Seventeen, Tiger Beat, and Right On! Then high school caressed me with the musings of the classics. Shakespeare, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Arthur Miller, and F. Scott Fitzgerald jetted me into period literature and swept my mind into a frenzy of an insatiable thirst for more.

I would read ANYTHING, from the backs of cereal boxes to the latest local newsletter. Sunday mornings were a treat for my grandmother and me to scan the newspaper for sales, comics, opinions and commentaries. Cutting out coupons and sharing our views on current events kept us occupied for hours. Mother Dear, as we called her, couldn't read well, (I think she was an undiagnosed dyslexic, but an extremely wise woman). Yet she always pushed her children, grandchildren, and great-grand’s into furthering our education as far we could go.

Today's technology is a blessing and a curse. I love the instant availability of information and resources; however, I think that the Children of the Millennium don't read nearly as much as my peers and I did. I admit since I joined the legions of internet users, my readership has slowed down as well. I may read more articles and sites online, but whole books have gone months without being touched. I remember during my recuperation for a car accident in 2001, I read 25 novels in one month during my convalescence.

So why do a blog? Well, so I can express myself and give others a glimpse into the person that is Sepialove.

By the way, Sepia is a shade of brown and my pseudonym is to reflect all of the magnificent shades of African American love. Hokey isn't it. *gag* So I'm sentimental.

Don't shoot me. ;)


Anonymous said...

that was lovleyyyyyyydo yo thang girllllllllllllllll

Abetty HRH said...

Jolly good page. Interesting, informative and just what I would expect from you Sepia, well done !!!

Lysistrata said...

Wonderful sentiment expressed in your post. As an avid reader the printed word has shaped my world and exposed me to a wealth of information....


Anonymous said...

From: debmood_1
To Sepia:
I truly enjoyed your site. You are a sister with great intelligence and it gives me great pleasure to chat and or debate with you on important issues such as education, politics, and current events. I appreciate the fact that you come with facts to back up your opinions on certain issues. Wouldn't it be nice if a certain level of intelligence was required before entering a chatroom? If that could happen, you wouldn't have to Google so much for us..lol
Thank you for sharing your site. It is informative and deep.
Way to go, Sepia !